ethkun is an 100% on-chain dynamic NFT project with unique functionality and fun merge mechanics, made to celebrate The Merge! Gambatte ethkun!

by eddietree and secondbestdad

( ✔️ 5875/5875minted )

#1-2000: FREE (1 per txn, max 2)
#2001-3000: 0.01 ETH each


A newly mintedethkun begins life at Level 1. Before The Merge, your ethkun will be very mysterious! I wonder what secrets it hides...

On the block of The Merge (estimated by TTD), ethkun will reveal itself and you will discover its many hidden secrets. Shine on you crazy ethkun!

Merging your ethkun with another will increase its level, making ethkun more glorious and even more glamorous! Each level that ethkun gains will be reflected in its visuals and stats!

Not feelin your ethkun's vibe? Well you can reroll your ethkun to randomize its visuals and stats, but uh-oh, rerolling will demote your ethkun by -1 Level!

...and more mysterious secrets for ethkun to reveal on The Merge, something about steaks or something?