ethkun is an 100% on-chain dynamic NFT project with unique functionality and fun merge mechanics, made to celebrate The Merge! Gambatte ethkun!

by eddietree and secondbestdad

( ✔️ 5875/5875minted )

#1-2000: FREE (1 per txn, max 2)
#2001-3000: 0.01 ETH each


A newly mintedethkun begins life at Level 1. Before The Merge, your ethkun will be very mysterious! I wonder what secrets it hides...

On the block of The Merge (estimated by TTD), ethkun will reveal itself and you will discover its many hidden secrets. Shine on you crazy ethkun!

Merging your ethkun with another will increase its level, making ethkun more glorious and even more glamorous! Each level that ethkun gains will be reflected in its visuals and stats!

Not feelin your ethkun's vibe? Well you can reroll your ethkun to randomize its visuals and stats, but uh-oh, rerolling will demote your ethkun by -1 Level!

...and more mysterious secrets for ethkun to reveal on The Merge, something about steaks or something?


Absolutely no roadmap and no promises, this is just for funsies and purely to commemorate The Merge, a mega-dank moment for Ethereum and a key moment for crypto history. Please don't come yelling at us if ethkuns doesn't immediately flip BAYC. Essentially, we're all pretty stoked that The Merge is finally happening and just wanted to do something fun!

Wen reveal?

ethkun will automatically reveal at the estimated block number of The Merge. The exact block number and time is estimated by calculating from the Total Terminal Difficulty.

How does leveling up work?

After reveal, you will be able to merge multiple ethkuns into a single gigachad ethkun. When ethkuns merge, their levels accumulate and their powers combine into a single ethkun while the other ethkuns are at sacrificed at the Altar of Lord Vitalik (aka burned). At each increased level, ethkun grows stronger and its visual/stats are also upgraded. All this magic happens onchain, wow!

For example:
Level 1 + Level 1 → Level 2
Level 2 + Level 3 + Level 5 → Level 10

Here is an example of what leveling up a single ethkun can look like:

Lvl 1Lvl 5Lvl 9Lvl 13Lvl 17Lvl 21...??

How does rerolling work?

You can reroll your ethkun at anytime to randomize ethkun's visuals and stats. Doing so will demote your ethkun by -1 Level, and ethkun will be not able to reroll at Level 1. Rerolls will be unlocked after The Merge.

For example:
Level 2 → ( REROLL ) → Level 1

Is everything 100% on-chain?

Absolutely! We developed a custom on-chain renderer that converts pixels (PNGs) directly into optimized Solidity bytecode. Our renderer interprets the bytecode and renders the NFT image as an lossless SVG. All mechanics/functionality is also is 100% on-chain. We believe in a decentralized future and happy to not rely on any centralized hosting services, IPFS or Arweave. This means your ethkun will exist forever on the Ethereum (Mainnet) network!

Is the smart contract using ERC721A?

Yes! We've implemented Azuki's ERC721A standard into ethkun's smart contract. ERC721A is tight because it provides significant gas savings when minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction. Learn more about ERC721A here.

What do all of ethkun's stats do?

The only relevant stat is ethkun's Level, which affects its visuals and its ability to reroll (+ steaks??), the other stats are purely for the lols.

What are the licensing terms?

ethkuns are licensed under the "CC0 license", which is essentially public domain. ethkuns are meant for anyone and everyone!

Who are the devs behind ethkun?

ethkun is a jolly collaboration between eddietree and secondbestdad. eddie (portfolio) is a giga-doxxed developer and founder of the indie game studio Funktronic Labs. secondbestdad is a based NFT artist and the Art Director of Defi Kingdoms.

What's this I hear about "steaks"? Huh?

Yummy steaks to be announced after The Merge... 😏